ALG is a translation company based in Turin run by professionals with a passion for languages and longstanding experience in translation and interpreting.

Our flexible efficient structure and the ability and experience of our staff and external collaborators enable us to cope with large work volumes and urgent requests of all types.

The project managers, attentive to our clients’ needs and requirements, ensure that the work is assigned to the most suitable translators and proofreaders using the software requested by the clients and the glossaries created for each client.

  1. Experience: we have a team of highly qualified mother tongue translators who have been working in the sector for many years. We are experts in the translation of a wide range of documents and texts, both technical and creative.
  2. Language skills: our linguists are carefully selected on the basis of their linguistic knowledge. Maximum attention to detail is essential to guarantee accurate natural translation into the linguistic context of the target country.
  3. Specialization: in addition to excellent language skills, our translators specialize in various sectors, for example legal, medical, technical and scientific. This enables us to offer an extremely high quality service in compliance with the technical specifications and requirements of the current standards in the sector.
  4. Translation software: we use advanced tools to guarantee terminological accuracy and consistency. Assisted translation (use of CAT tools) and quality control software help us to maintain high quality standards.
  5. Flexibility and customization: every translation project is unique. We always aim to adapt to the specific needs of each client. We offer customized translating services, respecting the agreed delivery dates and budget.
  6. Additional services: in addition to translations, we offer revision, editing and proofreading services in order to guarantee that the text translated is error-free and in line with client expectations.
  7. Reliability and confidentiality are fundamental elements of our work. All the documents and texts supplied by our clients are treated with maximum confidentiality and in compliance with the precautions and safeguards for protecting sensitive data.

Experience means not only translating but also improving the source texts while remaining faithful to the context and the desired outcome.

“Customer satisfaction is our only means of promotion”.



Our translators are selected on the basis of their academic curriculum, experience, sectors of specialization and native language.

Each translator translates only and exclusively into his/her native language and only in his/her sector of specialization.

After translation, the texts are carefully revised by in-house translators and proofreaders, to check coherence with the source text, use of specific sector terminology and suitability of style.

The texts are delivered in the format and page layout required by the client.